The Choice List

Want to know what New Zealand artists, musicians and creatives are up to in New York City?

Join the list and you’ll receive a free email on a semi-regular basis about gigs, art exhibitions, plays, films and other Kiwi shenanigans & what-not in NYC. Your email address won’t be shared with anyone else, nor will it be sold it for cash.

Want your event to be included in The Choice List? Send the information and it will go in when there’s a list going out.


2 Responses to “The Choice List”

  1. Isaac S

    Hey just subscribed. Been neglecting the kiwi harem in New York eh. I moved here in November 2011 and my only “reunion” with the lads was when David Dallas came to town to see Anna Delaney’s art exhibition. I noticed on twitter and popped down. Ended up at Lawyers with them all including ” #isaaclikes, another Isaac, who blogs quite well.

    Looking forward to it.


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