Published Stories

A selection of recent articles, interviews and profiles, published here and there. Click on the titles for the full text.


A visitor to David Howell’s new home, on the second floor of a seven-storey Gramercy condominium, will already know there’s something a little skew-whiff about him before he reveals his New Zealand accent… HOME New Zealand. January 2012.


The dresses are flagrantly short, the towering shoes a chiropractor’s dream… The guests begin to do what they have been invited here for. Spend money…METRO. May 2011. 


“Sam, what is the definition of metrosexual?” Nineteen storeys above Manhattan’s Seventh Ave, Knight Landesman, the publisher of influential magazine Artforum, has his assistant on speakerphone from the office below (in these lofty circles, the PA still comes before Google)… Metro. July-August 2011.


New York City is full of secrets hidden in plain view. Here’s one for New Zealand art lovers: head for The Bowery, the wide, grungy avenue that crosses Houston Street. Look for a grubby, five-storey, industrial brick building, undistinguished except for a cardboard quatrefoil shape in one of the large sash windows. That’s the clue to the artist within… HOME New Zealand. April-May 2011. 


In a bungalow in Auckland’s Western Springs, a new band is taking shape. They’ve had only a few rehearsals and written just two songs, yet the three members of the band are already discussing which music festival will host their first public appearance…. NEXT. May 2011. 


This interview was gifted to me by my lovely man for a birthday, and conducted via email just after David’s return from a mammoth trip which included the incredible Chris Knox fundraiser in New York City. Read the rest. Published here. July 2010.


Our itinerary? German art, looking for candy, stalking Patti Smith. And, the Museum of Modern Art: “I’d love to check out Abramović again,” says Judy. “I’ve been about a dozen times already.”

“Oh yeah, sure, of course we have to go,” I reply, thinking “AbramaWho?” Read the rest.  Published here. July 2010. 


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