I blog here about media, music, the creative process and a few personal bits and pieces. I live between New York and New Zealand, working as a content creator, hoping to put nice things into the world that spread magic and joy and shine a light on good work.

Presently, I produce shoots for good people in New York City, play a dainty four-stringed instrument with this bunch, write about film, art, cycling and other things for this magazine and serve as a “sit-down comedian” for this radio show. I am producing and co-directing a documentary about this guy and developing several other film and TV projects. I’ve produced many episodes of artsy and fartsy television, been a press secretary & political advisor for the NZ Government, made a rock-doc thing with some funny guys, another period film thing with two other lovely guys (and my sister), and worked for several radio stations.

In my spare time, I do all of the above.

I am a Pākehā New Zealander (tribe: Ngati Ati Whāti!)

About the name: I was once told I had “too much personality” and that I should tone it down if I wanted to get through the rest of school, and life, in one piece. Nice try.

Pink schoolbag = personality already evident.

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