Bailterspace? Or Bailter-space-Space?

Radio New Zealand National’s excellent music department has just made its content embeddable. This is exciting, both for those of us who make programmes for them, and for the bands who haven’t been able to easily link to Radio NZ interviews before.

As I use Mac, I have had to listen to RNZ programmes via VLC, a cumbersome series of clicks that has been vaguely annoying for the past several years.

So I’ve tested the new embed player with an interview with legendary New Zealand musicians Alister and Brent of Bailterspace, conducted a year ago when Strobosphere, their first album in 13 years, came out. (Just one year on there’s another new one! Stay tuned for a new interview about that in weeks to come). Many of the questions were crowd-sourced, and that’s where the title question came from – is it Bailterspace? Or is it Bailter Space? The Internet seems confused. Find out for yourself in what may be the funniest interview with New Zealand’s most po-faced sonic heroes…

Bailterspace Interview – September 2012, Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Hmmm… So clicking the link above takes you to a new page, with a plain, elegant player. But the idea is to embed it right here. Good ol’ WordPress and its embed issues. These have been updated recently, but still seem to be problematic for some sites and their players. Check back here to see if I’ve found the fix.

Ah well. Anyone got any advice? In other embed adventures, listen to films of you, from their just-released album Trinine:


2 Responses to “Bailterspace? Or Bailter-space-Space?”

  1. Sal St Clair Brown

    Couldn’t read past cumbersome…. Without say cumberbitch cumberbitch cumberbitch in my head over n over. 😉 xx

    Sal J St Clair Brown +6421343854



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